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Not surprisingly, Cohen leans heavily on earlier biographers, Meryle Secrest and Ernest Samuels in particular, who had sorted through the massive archives before her.

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According to Chan, Zuckerberg helps her stay laser-focused on their goals to prevent deviation from the mission.

Pierpont Morgan, inspired and infuriated people by the dozen, had no real profession or business yet lived better than a millionaire, hid out from the Nazis, taught several generations of leading professors and curators without ever being a professor or curator, reinvented himself multiple times, and, almost impossibly, survived well into his nineties.

It really began in Boston, where, in 1875, Berenson arrived with his Jewish-Lithuanian family.

The thrust of her psychological narrative is strong and convincing, though, and her writing is elegantly balanced and very readable.

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Non-specialists will find little off-putting shop talk here.By Peter Walsh Art historians do not, as a rule, inspire even one biography.