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12-Dec-2017 19:13

I thought it brave, something that I would have funked doing, but no, she enjoyed the company and never ran into any problems.""You need to establish early on exactly what it is the other person is looking for. They need to know what I want from them and they need to know what they want from me so that there are no embarrassing surprises.""It can pay to pay.

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Price: Free initially, but you can pay to upgrade your page and send more messages.

Gransnetters say: "An erstwhile girlfriend did, after her husband died, meet several older gentlemen through online dating sites.

She had platonic relationships with a couple of them, going so far as to be a cruise companion...

I was clear about what my family set-up was and said that I wasn't prepared to be messed about!

I think it paid to be frank and, as a result, I have met someone very genuine.""You just have to be on your guard.Many have found a certain level of comfort in attempting to find love or companionship online, something that can be invaluable following a divorce or the loss of a spouse.

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