Updating windows xp to vista

18-Oct-2017 18:25

The tab Programs investigates whether the found applications are compatible with Windows Vista (for the best result it is better to ignore this information and use more up-to-date resources).The tab Task List shows a summation of tasks to do before installing Windows Vista.The OEM edition is by far the cheapest and can be bought at many computer stores (in combination with simple hardware like a flash card reader).The OEM edition can only be installed on one and the same computer: if the motherboard has to be replaced, a new license must be bought as well.The different editions are available as full edition, as upgrade edition (for the upgrade of an existing Windows installation) and as OEM edition (only in combination with the hardware).Windows Media Player is not included when the letter N is added.

For a satisfying Windows Vista experience, the computer requires at least a 2 Ghz processor, 2 Gb memory, a fast hard disk of at least 200 Gb and a graphics card with at least 256 Mb of memory and support for Direct X 9 (necessary for the new Aero Glass interface).The capabilities of the graphics card is one of those checks which will give an indication whether the new Aero interface can be used.