Radioactive age dating equation

24-Aug-2017 10:42

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Notice it's easy to block alpha radiation (paper will do!

) but tough to block gamma radiation (you'll need a lead vest). In solving a nuclear equation you're approaching the finish line!

The diagram below shows the difference between alpha, beta and gamma particles.

The diagram below should make you think back to the cathode ray tube experiment - notice how the negatively charged beta particles are attracted to the ( ) plate while the positively charged alpha particle is attracted to the (-) plate.

My thought is, can the relative natural abundances of these chains' terminal products (Pb208,207, and 206) be used to calculate an initial abundance and time frame for the original atomic abundances of the parent isotopes which could be compared to the predictions of Willie Fowler regarding stellar nucleogenesis processes. Thanks again for all your interesting and informative web postings and work.

Setterfield: I believe that it is possible to determine the initial ratios of the parent elements in the various chains.

Because of this, and because the speed of light is in the numerator of every reduced radio decay rate equation, any changes in the speed of light are indicating changes in atomic decay rates. Importantly, the original short half-life elements were also a contributor and they have gone now.Once again we'll start with a non-chemistry example to prove this is easy cheesy (mmmm, cheese!