New online datings for slave and masters

30-Jun-2017 12:39

But because capitalism is based on competition, the more people there are who try to make it only ensures that relatively fewer will, with ever declining profitability.Selling out has never been cheaper, as, outside of lottery odds, you can’t make it and you can’t join them. The internet’s exponential acceleration of capitalist penetration means that we’re all hostages now.They merely go out of business, but they, as opposed to workers, do not face starvation while investing in new enterprises.Yelp encourages us to opportunistically, and often self-righteously (“It’s her ”), attack other workers.While one can see this shift in the Protestant Reformation, which inculcated believers so devoted they no longer needed to be monitored by the priesthood, Baudrillard was discussing the present, and his description of modern slaves cum “hostages” is particularly applicable to our relationship to the internet.

Selling one’s personality, purpose, and essence, the division of labor has been seemingly resolved online: we own the (would be) means of production, which actually means that we have become utterly commodified.

The internet’s reliance on unpaid productivity combined with the ‘each is an entrepreneur’ ethos found on sites like Linked In, Craigslist, and Facebook suggest an apparent contradiction.

He does say, however, Sci-Fi Speed Dating is more specialized than generalized speed dating.“You could be a free-spirited flower child stuck in a room with 50 lawyers,” he said.… continue reading »

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