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26-Jan-2018 08:40

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By the time an idol is 25 (sometimes as young as 23), they are no longer considered young idols. They're not seen as teenagers or young adults, so they have less restrictions than a young idol has. Choice one, they can give up entertainment and go back to a “normal life”.

Choice two, they can continue their entertainment career without being an idol.

What the clause says actually is that idols cannot be dating. Now, I am aware that many K-pop fans don’t know about this “no dating” clause in their idol contracts.

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If he wasn’t such an attractive guy, he would not have been so popular. Most Western boybands like One Direction are idols, though Westerners would never address them as such. One Direction was encouraged to do what any idol is encouraged: live out your fans’ fantasy. I’m not even a fan of One Direction but even I saw it. Nothing will ever change because we don’t want to address it.

Now, I don’t know the status of idols in Asian countries outside of Japan and South Korea admittedly, so I’m going to only be focusing on Japan and South Korea as examples.

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