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26-Jun-2017 22:37

This is often helpful when you want to register a two-word domain name and the non-hyphenated version is already taken.For example, you may not be able to register the domain name Cheap).Use it as the primary domain for your blog, business or email address, or try it out as a fun addition for specialty marketing campaigns and landing pages.

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"As many states continue to pass gay marriage laws with the support of President Barack Obama, will be well positioned to take advantage of the continued growth in the gay dating sector," the press release said.The Internet address eventually sold for 0,000 to a group of investors that brokered the website traffic to search engines -- until now.The site went live on Tuesday, investor Darren Cleveland told The Huffington Post.With this easy-to-use interface, you can register domain name even if you're not sure which name you want!

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Just type in a one- or two-word domain name that roughly describes your purpose, click the "Go" button, and let our system then suggest something by clicking on our " Note that as more and more domain names ending in .dating become registered, if you wish to register a .dating domain name, you'll sometimes need to combine multiple words.

The .dating generic top-level domain (g TLD) is an all new namespace for the dating community, and is perfect for matchmaking sites and advice blogs.

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