Dating vintage marshall amps

01-Sep-2017 12:04

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It would be more accurate to say that approx 650 of each of these models were produced in ’60.Dating Marshall amplifiers can be challenging, but most information is available to correctly identify the date.Model Codes: A/ - 200WRI - Reissue SL/A - 100W Super Lead SB/A - 100W Super Bass SP/ - Super PAST/A - 100W Tremolo S/A - 50WT/A - 50W Tremolo Date Codes: A - 1969/1970C - 1971D - 1972E - 1973F - 1974G - 1975H - 1976J - 1977K - 1978L - 1979M - 1980N - 1981P - 1982R - 1983S - 1984T - 1985U - 1986V - 1987W - 1988X - 1989Y - 1990Z - 1991/1992October 1992-July 1997 - A new bar code was introduced along with the serial number applied by a sticker instead of being stamped on. The first two numbers indicate the last two numbers of year, the middle five are the five-digit serial number/production rank, and the last two indicate the week of the year (01-52).Example: 961018915 is amp number 10189 made in the 15th week of 1996.Other things to look for include chasses placed in cabinets from a different year, “doctored” tube charts, non-original control plates (usually reproductions) on silverface amps, original transformer bell ends (they have correct date codes, of course) on non-original transformers, and non-original knobs (either repro or silverface knobs on blackface amps).unusual things can be found such as the empty “Pulse Adjust” hole on the rear of early ’60 brown amps, the “middle” volume control, use of tweed style grill cloth, strange non-documented transitional circuits, and changes in tolex color including the super-rare cream colored “brown” tolex that is found on some late ’60 amps. Given that people may refer to this information seeking specific production quantities of amps they are curious about, it should be pointed out that the serial numbers apply to chassis types, and not specifically to amplifier models.Looking at serial numbers next to the ’60 5G5 brown Pro Amp for example, we see numbers ranging from 00001 to 02000, suggesting that there are 2000 of these amplifiers made in ’60.These serial numbers are on the back of the chassis, except for the years 1979-1981 when they were on the front panel.The model code changed slightly from earlier models, and these codes were both used into the late 1970s.

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August 1997-Present - Marshall expanded on their previous idea with a bar code and added more information to the serial number.

The serial number is broken down into three different parts - the model code, serial number, and date code.

The charts are listed for the model and date codes, and the serial number is simply the production ranking.

This new number contains two letters and 10 digits, wihch is applied to all amps and speaker cabinets.

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The first letter indicates the country of manufacture: M - England C - China I - India K - Korea The next four digits indicate the complete four digit year of production (between 19, some models produced overseas may only have a two digit year).The next two digits indicate the week (01-52) of the respective year the amp was built.

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