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A contact was established to both Republican and Nationalist harbours without discrimination and refugees taken aboard were passed on to one of the 26 merchant vessels chartered for evacuation purposes.The international operation involved the use of 62 such transports.Deutschland arrived in Spain and briefly anchored at San Sebastian.Due to heavy swells Deutschland soon prefered to cruise up and down offshore at a few knots, as this was found more comfortable.The purpose was to participate in an international humanitarian operation of bringing refugees to safety.For recognition purposes the two main turrets were painted with black, white and red stripes as was the other ships participating in this and later international operations around and in Spain.The forward 15 cm magazine was flooded immediately as a precaution.

A mass burial was held in Wilhelmshaven before many thousand onlookers, Hitler being present with a large entourage.By then Germany had withdrawn from the international control following two submarine attacks on the light cruiser Leipzig off the Algerian port of Oran on 15 and 18 June.Deutschland called at the Italian port of Gaeta and spent the Christmas and New Year period at Napoli (Naples), with short excursions to Capri, Amalfi and Taormina accompanied by destroyers and torpedo-boats.Deutschland and sistership Admiral Scheer set off for Spanish waters under command of Vize-Admiral Rolf Carls.

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The light cruiser Köln and the 2nd Torpedo-boat Flotilla followed shortly afterwards.

Repairs to Deutschland took ten days, after which the ship took part in restricted naval exercises.

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