Barney and robin start dating andrea lewis and aubrey graham dating

12-Oct-2017 17:57

Barney and Robin have had several moments of chemistry stemming from their similar personalities.After Robin's high-school crush rejected her a second time, she cried on Barney's shoulder. Barney would soon realise he had feelings for Robin afterwards and tries to woo her.He confesses his love to her, only to be met with rejection.Things become more tense than ever and the two can't even be friends after this.She changed her image later on to the more grungy "Robin Daggers" and wrote a stalker song, leading to further embarrassment. The two showed an interest in each other from the start, but Ted blew it by saying her loved her on their first date.After that, Robin and Ted stay friends for awhile, but Ted soon falls for her all over again.They break up when they realise just how bad going steady is going for them.In Season 6 there are hints that the two still have feelings for each other but are too scared to make any moves.

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While Barney and Robin make plans for their wedding, Ted's lingering feelings for Robin endure and grow.Marshall tells Robin that her presence is causing Ted a lot of pain and she should move out so he can clear his head.

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